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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
31436-v2 Kalman for Cosmics Sophie Middleton Tracking
11 Feb 2020
26343-v13 Derivation of an algorithim for deriving track parameters for straight cosmic tracks Sophie Middleton Tracking
10 Feb 2020
31013-v2 CaloDigi Updates (For Calorimeter Meeting 22nd Jan 2020) Sophie Middleton Software
21 Jan 2020
29745-v1 Cosmic Straight Track Latest Correlation Plots after Drift Implementation Sophie Middleton Tracking
06 Nov 2019
29694-v2 IPA Michel DIO Calibration of Calorimeter - Initial Discussion and Plans Sophie Middleton Particle ID
06 Nov 2019
29169-v2 Update on Cosmic Tracking with no field (Drift Model discussion) Sophie Middleton Tracking
16 Oct 2019
28962-v1 Cosmic Tracking - Gaussian Straw Fit Sophie Middleton Tracking
08 Oct 2019
27771-v2 RMC Generation Optimization None None
12 Sep 2019
27442-v1 Trigger Rate of High Energy Electrons in the Mu2e Experiment Clair Laffan Tracking
18 Jul 2019
26754-v6 Fitting Update (Cosmics No Field) Sophie Middleton Tracking
25 Jun 2019
24364-v3 Cosmic Tracker Alignment (Straight Track Pattern Rec) Sophie Middleton Tracking
26 Feb 2019
15980-v1 Computing & Software Workshop: Ion Drift Physics in D2T & T2D Functions Jason Bono Calibration
11 Mar 2018
8732-v1 art 2.06.01 and tools Kyle Knoepfel Framework
15 Feb 2017
8490-v1 Response to Survey about Training for art and LArSoft Robert Kutschke Framework
16 Jan 2017
7665-v2 Trigger Studies for the Mu2e Experiment Mariel Pettee Tracking
07 Aug 2016
6991-v1 The Mu2e crystal calorimeter and improvements in the µ^- N -> e^- N search sensitivity Franco Cervelli et al. Tracking
Particle ID
Pattern Recognition
Track Fitting
Ph.D. Thesis
25 Jul 2016
7654-v3 Mu2e’s Use of fcl: A Case Study Andrei Gaponenko et al. Software
22 Jun 2016
6720-v1 New features in art Kyle Knoepfel Framework
10 Feb 2016
5224-v4 Software, Tools and Environment Dave Brown Offline
05 Mar 2015
5045-v9 Draft Agenda for Offline Mu2e Computing review Robert Kutschke Computing
03 Mar 2015
5247-v3 Planned improvements to tools and software workflows Pasha Murat Software
02 Mar 2015
3583-v5 Requirements for A Discussion Forum Robert Kutschke Software
13 Nov 2014
4269-v1 Mu2e and Muon g-2: FIFE Plans and Issues Robert Kutschke Software
16 Jun 2014
4167-v2 Introducing art-fhicl-mode: An emacs mode for editing .fcl files Kyle Knoepfel Offline
20 May 2014
4122-v1 NOvA SAM Tutorial Author Non Mu2e Software
30 Apr 2014
3952-v2 Offline Geometry: Current status and thoughts about the future Kyle Knoepfel Offline
19 Mar 2014
2416-v1 Mu2e Geant4 Related Wishes Robert Kutschke Monte Carlo
04 Sep 2012
2384-v1 Coding Practices Author Non Mu2e Software
17 Aug 2012
2286-v1 Offline Software for the Mu2e Experiment Robert Kutschke Offline
22 Jun 2012
1937-v2 The Background Cocktail Robert Kutschke Pattern Recognition
Monte Carlo
16 Dec 2011
1874-v1 Event Mixing Robert Kutschke Monte Carlo
16 Dec 2011
1943-v1 Event Mixing Neutron Backgrounds Robert Kutschke Monte Carlo
16 Dec 2011
1950-v1 Mu2e Interests in Concurrency Robert Kutschke Software
20 Nov 2011
1127-v3 art: A Framework For New, Small Experiments at Fermilab Robert Kutschke Software
20 Oct 2010
823-v2 Mu2e Uses of Run Time Configuration Robert Kutschke Framework
26 Mar 2010
779-v2 Mu2e and the CMS-lite Framework Robert Kutschke Framework
12 Feb 2010
487-v0 Mu2e Framework: Introduction Robert Kutschke Framework
14 Mar 2009
33-v0 End to end G4 simulation Katsuya Yonehara None
19 Feb 2008
667-v1 Transverse Tracker Geometry and Simulation Michael Eastwood et al. T Tracker
Monte Carlo
19 Aug 2009
557-v2 Kalman Filters: By a Physicist for Physicists Robert Kutschke Software
09 Jun 2009
412-v1 Infrastructure Software Support for Mu2e Robert Kutschke Software
16 Dec 2008
397-v1 Mu2e Overview for CD/ADSS Robert Kutschke Software
21 Oct 2008

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