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Mu2e PS Solenoid Helium Relief Simulation with Quench and Loss of Vacuum

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Erik A Voirin
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Erik A Voirin
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30 Apr 2015, 13:58
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20 Mar 2017, 16:49
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Relief simulation results show the maximum pressure during the worst case event of quench and loss of vacuum is 218.3 psia using the relief valves described in the document.

The Mu2e PS solenoid is helium cooled via a helium thermo-siphon with 17 cooling tubes with a 1.25” inner diameter. They are routed circumferentially around each side of the magnet. Saturated liquid helium @ 4.7K is supplied via a 1-1/4" sch10 pipe on the bottom of the magnet. This helium flows upwards around the magnet due to buoyancy from the heat load, then returns back at 7% vapor quality through the 1-1/2" sch10 pipe to the helium reservoir.
The calculations in this document simulate several relief scenarios, including catastrophic loss of vacuum, magnet quench, and both happening simultaneously, since loss of vacuum would also cause a quench of the solenoid. The heat energy from loss of vacuum heats the exterior surfaces of the solenoid, and 35 meter supply and return lines. This heat energy also causes a quench, which adds additional heat energy to the solenoid and helium. The expanding helium must be relieved out the two relief valves, which are set to 100 psig, and are located at the end of the supply and return lines, 35 meters from the solenoid.

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