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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
359-v1 MELC Proposal Author Non Mu2e Proposal & Design
Detector Design
17 Apr 2018
257-v1 ICHEP 2008 Mu2E Poster Andrew J Norman Eye Candy etc
25 May 2016
32-v5 Talk at NuParc'08 Robert Bernstein Physics Results
Talks (Plenary)
25 May 2016
66-v2 The Officiall Mu2e logo E Craig Dukes Eye Candy etc
10 Apr 2016
1017-v1 Mu2e poster for ICHEP10 Yury G Kolomensky Eye Candy etc
08 Apr 2014
61-v1 Comments on collimation Peter Yamin Detector Design
23 Apr 2008
56-v1 Effect of adding a uniform B field perpendicular to the solenoid axis James P Miller Detector Design
16 Apr 2008

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