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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
12929-v1 Design and status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter Stefano Miscetti Calorimeter
Talks (Plenary)
04 Oct 2017
13079-v2 Magnetic Modeling for the Fermilab Mu2e Experiment Henry Glass et al. B-Field
Conferences and Talks
Talks (Plenary)
20 Sep 2017
7886-v1 CLFV Review from PASCOS Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
07 Aug 2016
32-v5 Talk at NuParc'08 Robert Bernstein Physics Results
Talks (Plenary)
25 May 2016
7470-v1 Summary and Prospects of Experimental Searches for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Doug Glenzinski Talks (Plenary)
23 May 2016
4538-v1 Status of Mu2e and other CLFV experiments Giovanni Maria Piacentino Talks (Plenary)
05 May 2015
3761-v1 The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab Robert Kutschke Talks (Plenary)
08 Feb 2015
4407-v3 The Mu2e experiment at Fermilab Gianfranco Tassielli Talks (Plenary)
28 Aug 2014
4282-v1 Mu2e, A Rare Opportunity - Presentation at the OHEP PI Workshop in DC Doug Glenzinski et al. Talks (Plenary)
18 Jun 2014
921-v1 2010 Users' Meeting Presentation Kevin R Lynch Talks (Plenary)
08 Apr 2014
1581-v2 Mu2e Summary talk for 2011 FNAL User's Meeting Craig Group Meetings
Talks (Plenary)
08 Apr 2014
3026-v2 The Mu2e experiment Bertrand Echenard Talks (Plenary)
08 Apr 2014
2936-v5 Lecce CLFV conference talk Dave Brown Talks (Plenary)
08 Apr 2014
3927-v1 Mu2e presentation at INSTR14 in Novosibirsk David G Hitlin Talks (Plenary)
08 Apr 2014
3937-v3 The Mu2e experiment at Fermilab Andrei Gaponenko Talks (Plenary)
10 Mar 2014
3513-v2 Review of Flavor Physics at Snowmass Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
31 Oct 2013
3242-v8 Flavor Physics at Snowmass Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
22 Aug 2013
2924-v2 A Lyso crystal calorimeter for the mu2e experiment Fabio Happacher Calorimeter
Talks (Plenary)
15 May 2013
1841-v1 The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab Robert Kutschke Talks (Plenary)
31 Aug 2011
551-v5 The Mu2e and g-2 Experiments (Users Meeting 2009 Talk) Andrew J Norman Meetings
Talks (Plenary)
24 Jun 2009
274-v5 Talk for KEK/JPS Robert Bernstein Seminars
Talks (Plenary)
28 Mar 2009
16-v1 Muon to Electron Conversion Physics William J Marciano Talks (Plenary)
28 Mar 2009
41-v1 Lake Louise Winter Institute 2008 Talk E Craig Dukes Talks (Plenary)
28 Mar 2009
29-v1 Mu2e Experiment Eric J Prebys Talks (Plenary)
13 Feb 2008

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