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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
24364-v3 Cosmic Tracker Alignment (Straight Track Pattern Rec) Sophie Middleton Software
26 Feb 2019
5993-v4 Mu2e Data Management Plan Doug Glenzinski et al. Computing
17 Jan 2019
21414-v1 CMS Code Management Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
21408-v1 LArSoft Experience with Split git Repositories Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
21375-v1 git at the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
10559-v1 2017 SC-PMT Report and Response Author Non Mu2e Computing
24 May 2017
8731-v2 Mu2e Documents for SC-PMT 2017 Robert Kutschke Resources
15 Feb 2017
6383-v1 FermiMail Migration to Cloud Services Author Non Mu2e Computing
24 Nov 2015
5586-v3 Mu2e: The FIFE Experience Robert Kutschke Computing
01 Jun 2015
5285-v1 Charge to the Computing Review, March 2015 Doug Glenzinski Computing
12 Mar 2015
5262-v6 Answers to Questions from the Committee Robert Kutschke Computing
06 Mar 2015
5232-v6 Summary Ray Culbertson Computing
06 Mar 2015
5231-v2 Roadmap to Operations Robert Kutschke Computing
06 Mar 2015
5230-v6 Recent Infrastructure and Resource Needs Ray Culbertson Computing
05 Mar 2015
5226-v9 Project 2: Cosmic Ray Studies Ralf Ehrlich Computing
05 Mar 2015
5220-v8 Introduction Robert Kutschke Computing
05 Mar 2015
5227-v5 Analysis Model Zhengyun You Computing
04 Mar 2015
5229-v5 Project 3: Beam induced hits in the CRV Yuri Oksuzian Computing
Physics Models
04 Mar 2015
5225-v4 Project 1: Simulation of proton microbunch events Andrei Gaponenko Computing
04 Mar 2015
5253-v3 Mu2e 2015 SC-PMT Presentation Robert Kutschke Computing
03 Mar 2015
5045-v9 Draft Agenda for Offline Mu2e Computing review Robert Kutschke Computing
03 Mar 2015
5247-v3 Planned improvements to tools and software workflows Pasha Murat Software
02 Mar 2015

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