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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
529-v45 Official Mu2e Collaboration List E Craig Dukes Collaboration
06 Jan 2012
13889-v1 Introduction to a New "Young Mu2e" Group Jason Bono YoungMu2e
Collaboration Meetings
04 Mar 2019
23902-v3 Mu2e Demographic Data David Norvil Brown et al. Collaboration Document
04 Feb 2019
17483-v3 The Mu2e Experiment (HQL 2018 Presentation) Jean-Francois Caron Pub Board
03 Aug 2018
12359-v2 Diversity and Inclusion on the Mu2e Experiment Doug Glenzinski General
03 Aug 2017
8735-v1 Aerial Photos of the Muon Campus - November 2016 Author Non Mu2e Civil Construction
06 Jun 2017
3580-v2 Mu2e Collaboration List For Conferences E Craig Dukes General
11 Nov 2013
3512-v11 Overall Schedule for the Collaboration Meeting James P Miller General
07 Nov 2013
3526-v1 Directions to Two Brothers Tap House Robert Bernstein et al. General
06 Nov 2013
1966-v1 PAC Findings Dec 2011 Author Non Mu2e PAC
20 Dec 2011
400-v6 R&D for Mu2e Robert Bernstein FNAL Proposals
05 Jul 2011
11-v1 ProjectX, Beams Charles M Ankenbrandt FNAL Workshops
Talks (parallel)
28 Mar 2009
129-v1 Introduction to Mu2e James P Miller General
03 Jun 2008
131-v1 Mu to e Conversion at LANL Takeyasu Ito Collaboration
03 Jun 2008
65-v1 Mu2E DocDB Instruction Reference Andrew J Norman General
23 Apr 2008
59-v1 First Meeting Eric J Prebys Collaboration
17 Apr 2008

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