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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
29694-v2 IPA Michel DIO Calibration of Calorimeter - Initial Discussion and Plans Sophie Middleton Particle ID
06 Nov 2019
28333-v1 STM C++ MWD - prelimary code location and instructions Sophie Middleton STM
03 Sep 2019
26283-v7 STM DAQ User and Developer Documentation Sophie Middleton STM
21 Aug 2019
27864-v3 Design of STM Upstream Support Stand Sophie Middleton STM
31 Jul 2019
27388-v1 STM Online Development/STM Packet Spec Discussion Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
09 Jul 2019
26878-v3 STM TDAQ Presentation Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
24 Jun 2019
26469-v2 STM DAQ Updated 5 June 2019 Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
04 Jun 2019
26325-v1 Update on STM Upstream Stand/ Recent DAQ work Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
29 May 2019
26307-v1 Update on STM Upstream Stand/ Recent DAQ work Sophie Middleton DAQ Hardware
28 May 2019
26010-v2 CAD Drawing of Upsteam Support Sophie Middleton STM
15 May 2019
25671-v1 STM DAQ UPdated 24 April Sophie Middleton Software
24 Apr 2019
25185-v1 STM FoV/Magnet Support Mech Design Update Sophie Middleton STM
26 Mar 2019
25053-v1 STM DAQ UPdated 19 March 19 Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
19 Mar 2019
24879-v1 STM FoV/Magnet Support Mech Design Update Sophie Middleton STM
12 Mar 2019
24876-v1 STM DAQ Updated (13 March 19) Sophie Middleton DAQ Systems
12 Mar 2019
24492-v1 STM FoV Support Preliminary Design and Further Considerations Sophie Middleton STM
Mechanical Integration
21 Feb 2019
24355-v4 STM DAQ Updated Sophie Middleton DAQ Hardware
DAQ Systems
20 Feb 2019
18693-v6 Mu2e: a search for charged lepton flavor violation Gianantonio Pezzullo Detector
29 Nov 2018
18750-v6 The Mu2e Tracker Gianantonio Pezzullo Tracker
29 Nov 2018
17712-v5 Design and test of the Mu2e undoped CsI + SiPM crystal calorimeter Raffaella Donghia Calorimeter
24 Sep 2018
18030-v1 Calorimeter Clustering Studies Emma Castiglia Calorimeter
03 Aug 2018
18567-v3 The Mu2e crystal calorimeter eleonora diociaiuti Conferences and Talks
Talks (parallel)
03 Aug 2018
18354-v1 Summer 2018 Tracker Workshop: Setting up a Panel Factory at UMN Jason Bono Tracker
26 Jun 2018
16637-v2 Droege Remote Control with a Microcontroller Fawzi Abusalma et al. Tracker
04 Apr 2018
11831-v4 The Minnesota Practice Panel Jason Bono Tracker
21 Mar 2018
7932-v3 Fall 2016 Tracker Workshop: Frequency and Tension Jason Bono Tracker
14 Mar 2018
7760-v2 Infrared Photo-Interrupter as an Optical Stop Jason Bono et al. Tracker
14 Mar 2018
5995-v1 Results of Mu2e CO2 Leak Testing Studies at Fermilab Lauren Yates et al. Tracker
14 Mar 2018
5829-v4 The Lorentz Effect for Mu2e Tracking Jason Bono Tracker
11 Mar 2018
8335-v2 Tracker Sag Lifetime Jason Bono T Tracker
11 Mar 2018
6477-v2 Vacuum Vessel Users Guide Jason Bono Tracker
11 Mar 2018
11834-v3 Writeup: The Leak Status of Panel 2.5 Jason Bono Tracker
11 Mar 2018
14952-v2 A Map Between Elongation and Tension-Relaxation for Mu2e Straws Jason Bono Tracker
20 Dec 2017
9354-v1 G-2 straws summary Unknown Unknown Tracker
19 Dec 2017
13613-v1 Cathode Strip Chambers: specifications Akram Artikov et al. Cosmic Veto
17 Oct 2017
12929-v1 Design and status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter Stefano Miscetti Talks (Plenary)
04 Oct 2017
13079-v2 Magnetic Modeling for the Fermilab Mu2e Experiment Henry Glass et al. Conferences and Talks
Talks (Plenary)
20 Sep 2017
12245-v5 DPF 2017 Poster Ralf Ehrlich Cosmic Veto
31 Aug 2017
12176-v3 Studies of Radiation Damage to Silicon Photomultipliers Sergey Uzunyan Cosmic Veto
28 Aug 2017
12761-v1 Studies of Effect of Aging and Studies to Optimize Scintillation Counter Response for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto System Craig Group et al. Cosmic Veto
25 Aug 2017
12344-v8 Design and status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter @ DPF Raffaella Donghia Talks (parallel)
25 Aug 2017
12302-v2 A Panel Prototype for the Mu2e Straw Tube Tracker at Fermilab Alessandra Luca et al. Tracker
Conferences and Talks
25 Aug 2017
11630-v4 The Mu2e Tracker and Calorimeter Systems Simona Giovannella Detector
Talks (parallel)
25 Aug 2017
12392-v2 The Mu2e Tracker Jean-Francois Caron Tracker
03 Aug 2017
12371-v1 The Mu2e Calorimeter Stefano Miscetti Calorimeter
03 Aug 2017
9993-v3 Symposium in Honor of Marj Corcoran: The Mu2e Tracker Jason Bono Tracker
Conferences and Talks
25 Apr 2017
4939-v1 Jason Bono seminar for tracking group Jason Bono et al. Tracker
01 Mar 2017
8429-v1 The Calorimeter Final Technical Design Report Stefano Miscetti Calorimeter
28 Dec 2016
7658-v1 STM Poster for CLFV 2016 Anthony Palladino STM
07 Aug 2016
7657-v3 CLFV2016 Poster Steven Boi et al. Cosmic Veto
07 Aug 2016
7819-v1 Studies of Radiation Damage in SiPMs for the Fermilab Mu2e CRV System Kurt Francis Cosmic Veto
07 Aug 2016
7784-v3 A High Efficiency Cosmic Ray Veto the the Mu2e Experiment (ICHEP Poster) E Craig Dukes Cosmic Veto
07 Aug 2016
7639-v13 An 8-Straw Prototype Tracker for Mu2e (CLFV and ICHEP Poster) Daniel Ambrose et al. Tracker
03 Aug 2016
6991-v1 The Mu2e crystal calorimeter and improvements in the µ^- N -> e^- N search sensitivity Franco Cervelli et al. Tracking
Particle ID
Pattern Recognition
Track Fitting
Ph.D. Thesis
25 Jul 2016
6982-v0 Cosmic Ray Veto E Craig Dukes FNAL Reviews
Cosmic Veto
11 Mar 2016
6981-v0 Calorimeter Stefano Miscetti FNAL Reviews
11 Mar 2016
6392-v4 Natural Frequencies of Straw Tubes Jason Bono Tracker
06 Dec 2015
5946-v2 The Lorentz Effect for Mu2e Tracking: Talk Jason Bono Tracker
24 Aug 2015
5222-v6 The Mu2e Apparatus David Norvil Brown Detector
04 Mar 2015
4213-v0 Suggested Re-evaluation of the Calorimeter Design William Molzon Calorimeter
03 Jun 2014
2991-v0 Do We Need a Source Calibration for the Calorimeter? William Molzon Calorimeter
30 May 2013
2244-v4 The calorimeter project for the Mu2e experiment Alessandra Luca Conferences and Talks
08 Apr 2014
3239-v7 Design considerations Craig Group et al. Talks (parallel)
Cosmic Veto
08 Apr 2014
3244-v6 LYSO Crystal Calorimeter in Mu2e Experiment Chih-hsiang Cheng Talks (parallel)
08 Apr 2014
3249-v3 Tracker for the mu2e Experiment at Fermilab Aseet Mukherjee T Tracker
Talks (parallel)
08 Apr 2014
3658-v4 Mu2e Calorimeter Pasha Murat Calorimeter
08 Apr 2014
3453-v1 Design considerations for the cosmic-ray-veto system of the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab Craig Group et al. Cosmic Veto
07 Oct 2013
2997-v0 Comments on the Neutron Absorber Optimization William Molzon Shielding
31 May 2013
2924-v2 A Lyso crystal calorimeter for the mu2e experiment Fabio Happacher Talks (Plenary)
15 May 2013
2234-v1 New Operations Center for Intensity Frontier Experiments Author Non Mu2e Detector
DAQ Systems
Muon Beamline
03 May 2012
1984-v1 Rectifier-Capacitor Threshold Tracer for mu2e Straw Chamber Jin-Yuan Wu Tracker
18 Jan 2012
690-v1 The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab Doug Glenzinski General Backgrounds
Conferences and Talks
21 Sep 2009
667-v1 Transverse Tracker Geometry and Simulation Michael Eastwood et al. T Tracker
Monte Carlo
19 Aug 2009
535-v1 Kalman filter based tracker study for lepton flavor violation experiments Author Non Mu2e T Tracker
27 Apr 2009
454-v1 100 MeV e- Source (COMET) Author COMET Detector
24 Jan 2009
453-v1 Cosmic Ray Veto Counters (Mu2e) Peter Yamin Cosmic Veto
24 Jan 2009
452-v1 Calorimeter R&D for COMET Author COMET Calorimeter
24 Jan 2009
451-v1 Thoughts on Mu2e Electromagnetic Calorimeter E Craig Dukes Calorimeter
24 Jan 2009

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