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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
21414-v1 CMS Code Management Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
21408-v1 LArSoft Experience with Split git Repositories Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
21375-v1 git at the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab Author Non Mu2e Computing
17 Oct 2018
359-v1 MELC Proposal Author Non Mu2e Proposal & Design
Detector Design
17 Apr 2018
12761-v1 Studies of Effect of Aging and Studies to Optimize Scintillation Counter Response for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto System Craig Group et al. Cosmic Veto
25 Aug 2017
12218-v0 Closeout Presentation - Curia II (WH2SW) Author Non Mu2e None
20 Jul 2017
8735-v1 Aerial Photos of the Muon Campus - November 2016 Author Non Mu2e Civil Construction
06 Jun 2017
10559-v1 2017 SC-PMT Report and Response Author Non Mu2e Computing
24 May 2017
7632-v0 CD-3c Review Closeout Presentation Author Non Mu2e CD-3
DoE Reviews
Review Recommendations
10 Jun 2016
6383-v1 FermiMail Migration to Cloud Services Author Non Mu2e Computing
24 Nov 2015
4183-v2 P5 Report - May 2014 Author Non Mu2e Meetings
22 Jan 2015
4122-v1 NOvA SAM Tutorial Author Non Mu2e Software
30 Apr 2014
4015-v1 Field Measurements of the BaBar Solenoid Author Non Mu2e Detector
21 Mar 2014
2384-v1 Coding Practices Author Non Mu2e Software
17 Aug 2012
2234-v1 New Operations Center for Intensity Frontier Experiments Author Non Mu2e DAQ Systems
Muon Beamline
03 May 2012
2202-v2 PRISM-PRIME Proposal Author Non Mu2e Mu- to e- conversion
12 Apr 2012
1966-v1 PAC Findings Dec 2011 Author Non Mu2e PAC
20 Dec 2011
1171-v1 P5 Report Author Non Mu2e Project Management
12 Nov 2010
535-v1 Kalman filter based tracker study for lepton flavor violation experiments Author Non Mu2e T Tracker
27 Apr 2009
522-v1 March 2009 PAC letter Author Non Mu2e FNAL Proposals
08 Apr 2009
420-v1 Stage 1 Approval Letter Author Non Mu2e FNAL Proposals
26 Nov 2008

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