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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
529-v45 Official Mu2e Collaboration List E Craig Dukes Collaboration
06 Jan 2012
66-v2 The Official Mu2e logo E Craig Dukes Eye Candy etc
19 Jun 2018
13613-v1 Cathode Strip Chambers: specifications Akram Artikov et al. Cosmic Veto
17 Oct 2017
7784-v3 A High Efficiency Cosmic Ray Veto the the Mu2e Experiment (ICHEP Poster) E Craig Dukes Cosmic Veto
07 Aug 2016
6982-v0 Cosmic Ray Veto E Craig Dukes Reviews
FNAL Reviews
Cosmic Veto
11 Mar 2016
5308-v1 Mu2e: Probing the Frontiers of Physics Using Rare Particle Decays E Craig Dukes Conferences and Talks
24 Mar 2015
755-v2 Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in Muon and Tau Decays E Craig Dukes Conferences and Talks
08 Apr 2014
875-v1 Beyond E=mc^2: Using Rare Particle Decays to Probe the Energy Frontier E Craig Dukes Seminars
08 Apr 2014
3580-v2 Mu2e Collaboration List For Conferences E Craig Dukes General
11 Nov 2013
48-v10 Mu2e Numbers E Craig Dukes FNAL Proposals
13 Jul 2011
41-v1 Lake Louise Winter Institute 2008 Talk E Craig Dukes Talks (Plenary)
28 Mar 2009
247-v1 Nufact08 Talk E Craig Dukes Talks (parallel)
28 Mar 2009
451-v1 Thoughts on Mu2e Electromagnetic Calorimeter E Craig Dukes Calorimeter
24 Jan 2009
388-v1 Mu2e Proposal E Craig Dukes FNAL Proposals
17 Oct 2008

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