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Robert Bernstein of Fermi National Accelerator Lab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3701-v27 Mu2e speakers spreadsheet Robert Bernstein Conferences and Talks
18 Jul 2019
19435-v1 The Mu2e Extinction Monitor Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
03 Aug 2018
18198-v1 Charged Lepton Flavor Violation : Mu2e Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
03 Aug 2018
18195-v1 Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Experiments Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
03 Aug 2018
7886-v1 CLFV Review from PASCOS Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
07 Aug 2016
7501-v1 The Mu2e Experiment Robert Bernstein Seminars
26 May 2016
32-v5 Talk at NuParc'08 Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
Physics Results
25 May 2016
5223-v13 Background Overview Robert Bernstein et al. General Backgrounds
05 Mar 2015
3526-v1 Directions to Two Brothers Tap House Robert Bernstein et al. General
06 Nov 2013
57-v1 Progress on GEANT4 representation of detector Robert Bernstein Weekly Meeting
16 Apr 2008
1356-v8 Agenda for March 2011 Collaboration Meeting Robert Bernstein Collaboration Meetings
04 Mar 2011
3513-v2 Review of Flavor Physics at Snowmass Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
31 Oct 2013
3242-v8 Flavor Physics at Snowmass Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
22 Aug 2013
2697-v2 Mu2e Colloquium Robert Bernstein Colloquia
14 Mar 2013
1798-v2 SLAC 2011 Mu2e Talk Robert Bernstein Talks (parallel)
12 Sep 2011
571-v15 Mu2e Seminar Robert Bernstein Seminars
04 Aug 2011
400-v6 R&D for Mu2e Robert Bernstein FNAL Proposals
05 Jul 2011
10-v1 Progress on Resolution Studies Robert Bernstein Collaboration Meetings
01 Feb 2008
274-v5 Talk for KEK/JPS Robert Bernstein Talks (Plenary)
28 Mar 2009
466-v3 PAC Talk for March 9 2009 Robert Bernstein FNAL Proposals
26 Mar 2009
419-v1 Mu2e Seminar from Italy Robert Bernstein Seminars
26 Mar 2009
376-v2 FNAL W&C Robert Bernstein Seminars
08 Oct 2008

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