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Eric J Prebys of Fermi National Accelerator Lab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Mu2e-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3298-v2 Upstream Monitor Detection Rates and Configuration Eric J Prebys Extinction
08 Sep 2017
12409-v3 Mu2e Proton Beam Delivery Eric J Prebys Accelerator
02 Aug 2017
6356-v1 Mu2e Extinction and Extinction Monitor Technical Review Report Eric J Prebys Design Reviews
20 Feb 2016
6130-v1 Animated Bunch Formation Eric J Prebys Colloquia
06 Oct 2015
5175-v2 Report from the Time Line Task Force Eric J Prebys Accelerator
26 Feb 2015
2691-v3 Mu2e: Search for Muon to Electron Conversion at Fermilab Eric J Prebys Colloquia
08 Apr 2014
550-v3 Parametric Analysis of Beam Transmission in the Mu2e Extinction Channel Eric J Prebys Extinction
16 May 2012
1866-v3 Rates, Duty Factors, and Bunch Sizes in Mu2e Reduced Scope Scenarios Eric J Prebys Accelerator
21 Oct 2011
74-v2 Mu2e Beam Line Specification Eric J Prebys Proposal & Design
Weekly Meeting
19 May 2008
71-v1 Minutes Eric J Prebys Weekly Meeting
05 May 2008
72-v3 Accumulator/Debuncher parameters in Mu2e era - OBSOLETE Eric J Prebys Weekly Meeting
26 May 2009
516-v1 Preparations for Muon Experiments at Fermilab Charles M Ankenbrandt et al. Accelerator
06 May 2009
534-v1 Optimizing AC Dipole Parameters for Beam Extinction Eric J Prebys Extinction
24 Apr 2009
532-v1 New Corrector System for the Fermilab Booster Eric J Prebys Weekly Meeting
23 Apr 2009
3-v1 Mu2e Poster for Project X Workshop Eric J Prebys Posters
28 Mar 2009
40-v1 Mu to e Conversion Experiment at Fermilab (poster) Eric J Prebys Posters
FNAL Workshops
28 Mar 2009
59-v1 First Meeting Eric J Prebys Collaboration
17 Apr 2008
50-v1 mu2e Eric J Prebys Seminars
31 Mar 2008
46-v1 Mu2e Eric J Prebys Seminars
14 Mar 2008
42-v2 Mu2e Eric J Prebys Colloquia
14 Mar 2008
30-v1 Accumulator/Debuncher as a Versatile Proton Facility Eric J Prebys Talks (parallel)
13 Feb 2008
29-v1 Mu2e Experiment Eric J Prebys Talks (Plenary)
13 Feb 2008
25-v1 UCLA Seminar on Mu2e Eric J Prebys Seminars
12 Feb 2008
15-v1 Expression of Interest to Fermilab Eric J Prebys L.O.I.
01 Feb 2008

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